(c) Krishna I
(d) Khottiga
Whose kingdom was visited by al-Masudi, an Arab traveller of the early tenth
century AD?
(a) Dharmapala
(b) Indra III
(c) Gopala
(d) Lakshmanasena
Which Pala ruler founded the famous Vikramasila University for the
(a) Mahipala
(b) Devapala
(c) Gopala
(d) Dharmapala
Which Rashtrakuta ruler is credited with defeating and preventing the
incursion of the Arabs of Sind into Gujarat?
(a) Dhruva
(b) Govinda II
(c) Krishna II
(d) Karka
Sulaiman, an Arab merchant of the ninth century, visited whose kingdom?
(a) Pala kingdom of Gopala
(b) Sena kingdom of Vijayasena
(c) Pratihara kingdom of Mihira Bhoja
(d) Rashtrakuta kingdom of Dantidurga
Which Pratihara ruler had the famous poet, Rajasekhara, at his court?
(a) Vatsaraja
(b) Mahipala
(c) Nagabhatta II
(d) Mihira Bhoja
Who was the only Pala ruler to capture and control Kanauj for a while?
(a) Mahipala
(b) Devapala
(c) Gopala