(a) Mandapam or pavilion
(b) Sikhara or curvilinear tower
(c) Vimana or storey
(d) Gopuram or gateway
Which of the following dynasties did not take part in the triangular conflict
for the control of Kanauj?
(a) Palas
(b) Pratiharas
(c) Senas
(d) Rashtrakutas
Which one of the following Pala rulers is said to have been elected by the
people themselves to remove anarchy and establish law and order?
(a) Mahipala
(b) Dharmapala
(c) Devapala
(d) Gopala
Whose court was adorned by Jayadeva and Dhoyi, the famous poets of late
12th century AD?
(a) Mihira Bhoja
(b) Amoghavarsha I
(c) Lakshmanasena
(d) Dharmapala
Who was the founder of the Sena dynasty?
(a) Vijayasena
(b) Lakshmanasena
(c) Ballalasena
(d) Vinayasena
Under whose leadership did the Pratiharas rise into prominence due to the
stiff resistance that they put to the Arabs of Sind?
(a) Mihira Bhoja
(b) Nagabhatta I
(c) Nagabhatta II
(d) Vatsaraja
Which Rashtrakuta ruler built the     famous Kailasa temple of Siva at Ellora?