(b) Krishna
(c) Siva
(d) Sakti
Hiranya-garba was
(a) a sacred rite of the marriage ceremony
(b) a title conferred on brave soldiers
(c) a tax paid by the people in gold coins
(d) the religious ceremony of passing one’s body through a golden cow
The term mlechcha-bhoja referred to
(a) meat
(b) rice
(c) wheat
(d) spices
Which one of the following is incorrectly paired?
(a) Rajaraja I—Rajakesari
(b) Rajendra I—Pandita Chola
(c) Kulottunga I—Sungam Tavirtta
(d) Rajadhiraja—Ahalanka
When did the Sailendra ruler of Sri Vijaya build a Buddhist monastery at
Nagapattinam with the permission of the Chola ruler?
(a) 1000
(b) 1005
(c) 1015
(d) 1025
Which Chola emperor received a letter on golden leaves from the Burmese
King, Kyanzittha?
(a) Rajaraja I
(b) Rajendra I
(c) Kulottunga I
(d) Rajadhiraja
Who built the famous Jagannatha temple at Puri as well as the Lingaraja
(a) Kapilendra
(b) Bhanudeva I