(d) i and iii
The title of ‘Uttarapathasvamin’ was assumed by
(a) Dharmapala
(b) Mihira Bhoja
(c) Mahindrapala
(d) Prithviraj Chauhan
Where did a foreign trader from the Malabar coast establish a nanadeshi-
vinnagar temple, devoted to Vishnu, in the 13th century ad?
(a) Angkor in Cambodia
(b) Pagan in Burma
(c) Borobudur in Sumatra
(d) Cairo in Egypt
Which Cambodian ruler sent a chariot as a present to Rajaraja Chola in AD
(a) Suryavarman I
(b) Suryavarman II
(c) Anantavarman
(d) Chandravarman
Which one of the following temples was not dedicated to Lord Vishnu?
(a) Ranganatha temple at Srirangam
(b) Vithoba temple at Pandharpur
(c) Jagannatha temple at Puri
(d) Lingaraja temple at Bhuvanesvar
Atisha Dipankara and Santarakshita of the early medieval period were
(a) prominent Sanskrit poets
(b) great mathematicians and astronomers
(c) famous Buddhist monks
(d) Hindu religious reformers
Who among the following is referred to as the south Indian Manu?
(a) Kamban
(b) Pugalendi
(c) Apasthamba
(d) Tirunavakkarasu
Which of the following statements     about the Ayyavole, a prominent trade