and the Samkhya Karika to substantiate his assertions. Apart from providing
a penetrating study of human relationships and cultural complexities in
various faiths, he defines the Hindu colour divisions as tabaqat (classes) and
the castes (jati) as birth divisions (nasab). According to him, below the
Sudras were the antyaja or casteless, who were divided into eight guilds:
fullers, shoe- makers, jugglers, basket and shield makers, sailors, fishermen,
hunters and weavers. The Hadi, Doma and Chandala, who did the cleaning
and scavenging. were outcastes. Finally, foreigners were regarded as
mlechchhas or unclean.
Tile term ‘Malaimandalam’ refers to the
(a) Coromandal coast
(b) Malabar coast
(c) Pandya coast
(d) Konkan coast
Minakshi, the fish-eyed goddess of the Pandyas of Madurai, is identified with
(a) Laxmi
(b) Parvati
(c) Sarasvati
(d) Savitri
The famous Jaina temples at Dilwara were built by
(a) Paramaras
(b) Chandellas
(c) Solankis
(d) Chauhans
Lakshmanasena’s court was adorned by
(a) Dhoyi
(b) Rajasekhara
(c) Jayadeva
(d) Dhananjay
Choose the answer from the codes below
(a) i and ii