and impressive even in its ruin, the Konark temple represents the
fulfillment and finality of the Orissan architectural movement.
Temples of Central India Central India was the scene of the
development of another variety of the Nagara style. The typical central
Indian characteristics gradually evolved and reached their fruition in the
temples of Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh. These temples were built by the
Chandellas of Jejabhukti between AD 950 and 1050. The most prominent
among the Khajuraho temples are the Kandariya Mahadeva, Devi
Jagadamba, Duladeo, Parsvanatha, Lakshmana and the Visvanatha
temples. The Kandariya Mahadeva temple represents the peak point of the
architectural movement of central India. The effect of its height is
enhanced by a deep basement and the duplication of the tower. Floral and
human sculptures add to its beauty considerably.
Temples of Western India It was during the time of the Solanki rulers
of Anahilapataka (Anhilwara) that the characteristics of the Nagara style
in western India took a precise form. This western Indian variation has
been called the Solanki style after the rulers. Among the many temples in
western India, we can mention the following as representing the western
Indian type in its full maturity. Of the famous Jaina temples at Dilwara,
Mount Abu (Rajasthan), the most noteworthy are the ones built by Vimala
in AD 1031, and by Tejpala in AD 1230. In these temples, the white marble
of Rajasthan has been put to admirable use. Another important temple is
the famous Rudramal temple, built by Sidharaja (AD 1093–1143).
Temples of Malwa and Khandesh In Malwa and Khandesh, yet
another variety of the Nagara style developed under the hegemony of the
Paramaras, and hence is designated as the Paramara type. The finest
monument of this type is furnished by the Nilakantesvara temple at
Udayapur in MP, built by the Paramara King Udayaditya (AD 1059–1080)
and hence also known as the Udayesvara temple. The sikhara of this
temple is ornamented with four narrow bands running from the base to the
summit. The temple at Ambaranatha (Thane district, Maharashtra) is
another good illustration of the Paramara type.