Finally he lost his life in a battle against the Madurai Sultan at Trichinapally.
The Hoyasala dynasty came to an end with Ballala Ill’s death.
                           Hoyasala Temple at Halebid
                      ART AND ARCHITECTURE
 In many cases, the Hoyasala temples are not single but double, having all
 essential parts duplicated. One more noteworthy feature is that the temple
 itself appears to be the work of a sculptor and not of a builder. This is best
 illustrated in the Hoyasalesvara temple at Halebid, whose plinth consists
 of nine bands and each band has thousands of decorative figures in various
 postures. Hence the Hoyasala temples have been aptly described as
 sculptors’ architecture.
 There are a number of temples in the Mysore territory which exhibit
 amazing display of sculptural exuberance. The most typical and well-
 known examples are the temples of Kesava at Somnathpur, Chenna
 Kesava at Belur and Hoyasalesvara at Halebid. The Kesava temple at
 Somnathpur, near Seringapatnam, erected about 1268, is still in a perfect