named ruler came into conflict with the Telugu Choda chief, Jata Choda
Bhima of Pedakollu, who assumed the sovereignty of the Eastern Chalukyas.
Jata Choda Bhima His reign of 27 years is described in the Eastern
Chalukya inscriptions as an interregnum. He was a powerful ruler and
exercised control over a fairly large territory. But his encounter with the
Cholas proved to be disastrous. The Chola king, Rajaraja I, espoused the
cause of the son of Danarnava (Saktivarman I), invaded Vengi and put
Saktivarman I on the Chalukya throne.
Chola-Chalukya Alliance With the accession of Saktivarman I to the
throne. Vengi ceased to be an independent kingdom and became an appendix
of the Chola empire. The rule of Saktivarman I saw the invasion of Vengi by
the Western Chalukya, Satyasraya. But he was compelled to withdraw his
army from Vengi when Rajendra Chola I invaded Karnataka. Saktivarman
was succeeded by his younger brother Vimaladitya. The most important
event of Vimaladitya’s reign was his marriage with Kundavai, the daughter
of the great Chola emperor Rajaraja I, by whom he had a son named Rajaraja.
Thus began the process of Chola-Chalukya matrimonial alliances which
ultimately ended in the merger of the two dynasties under Kulottunga.
Vimaladitya had another queen Melama, from whom he had a son,
Vijayaditya VII. Vijayaditya seized power with the help of Jayasimha II of
Kalyani by superseding Rajaraja. But Rajendra Chola came to the rescue of
his nephew Rajaraja and enthroned his nephew as the ruler of Vengi.
    Rajaraja Narendra’s long reign was a period of continuous political
unrest, accentuated by the unceasing efforts of his half-brother Vijayaditya to
regain the throne. When Rajaraja Narendra died the throne was seized by
Vijayaditya VII, who remained as the ruler of Vengi so long as Virarajendra
occupied the Chola throne. But after the death of Virarajendra in 1070, a civil
war engulfed the Chola country which ended with the accession of Rajendra
Chola II alias Kulottunga I, nephew of Vijayaditya. After consolidating his
position in the Chola coun- try, Kulottunga I succeeded in capturing Vengi,
whereupon Vijayaditya took shelter with Rajaraja Devendravarman, the king
of Kalinga. With his death in 1075 the Eastern Chalukya dynasty came to an