mahadevi, who built a Jaina temple at Vijayawada. This is the earliest
reference of Jainism in the Telugu country. Vishnuvardhana himself was a
Bhagavata. Vishnuvardhana was succeeded by his son Jayasimha I. Like his
father, Jayasimha was a Bhagavata. He was succeeded by Vishnuvardhana II,
Vijayasiddhi, Jayasimha II, Vikramaditya, Vishnuvardhana III and then by
Vijayaditya one after another.
Vijayaditya His reign witnessed a great political revolution in the Deccan
when the imperial Chalukyas were overthrown by the Rashtrakutas who
began a protracted struggle against the Eastern Chalukyas.
Vishnuvardhana IV He was forced to make peace with the Rashtrakuta
Dhruva who gave his daughter Silamahadevi in marriage to him. This marks
the beginning of the subordinate relationship of Vengi to the Rashtrakutas.
Vijayaditya II He was one of the most powerful rulers of the family and
enjoyed a long reign of forty years. He was succeeded by Vijayaditya III
whose mother was the Rashtrakuta princess, Silamahadevi.
Vijayaditya III Gunaga His reign heralded a policy of aggressive
imperialism in which he was assisted by his able minister Vinayadisarman
and the celebrated military genius of the age, Panduranga. After the death of
Amoghavarsha, Vijayaditya threw off the Rashtrakuta yoke after inflicting
defeat on Krishna II. Then he sent an expedition under Panduranga against
Dahala, the Chedi country. On his way he received the submission of the
kings of Kalinga and Kosala. He proclaimed himself the lord of the entire
Dakshinapatha. Thus he was the greatest monarch of the Eastern Chalukya
dynasty during whose reign the kingdom extended from the Mahendragiri in
the north to the Pulicat lake in the south. After a long reign of 44 years
Vijayaditya was succeeded by his brother’s son Bhima.
Bhima I His succession was disputed by his uncle, Yuddhamalla who with
the help of the Rashtrakuta king, Krishna II, seized Vengi. The Chalukyan
nobles, however, succeeded in restoring the kingdom to its lawful master
after defeating Krishna II. He was a devotee of Siva and built the temples of
Bhimavaram and Draksharamam in the east Godavari district.
Weak Successors