events kept up to date by additions from time to time.
Raiendra I He raised the Chola empire to the position of being the most
extensive and respected state of his time. He invaded and completed the
conquest of Ceylon by defeating and imprisoning Mahinda V. He led a
triumphant march through the territories of the Pandyas and Kerala, and
made one of his sons the viceroy of both, with Madurai as capital. He
defeated the Western Chalukyas who were trying to meddle in the succession
dispute of Vengi, and installed Rajaraja, a nephew of Rajendra, on the Vengi
throne. He also punished Madhukamarnava, the Eastern Ganga ruler of
Kalinga, who sided with the Western Chalukyas.
    Rajendra I led a military expedition to the Ganga valley, which seems to
have been a success, and constructed a new capital, Gangaikonda
Cholapuram and a temple in celebration of the expedition. His naval
expedition to Sri Vijaya either to win glory or to teach a lesson to its rulers
who could have obstructed Chola intercourse with China met with success
and the kingdom was restored back to its ruler, Sangrama Vijayottunga (son
of Sri Mara). He sent two diplomatic missions to China for political as well
as commercial purposes.
Rajadhiraia He suppressed rebellions in Pandya, Kerala and Ceylon
kingdoms. He launched an expedition to restore Chola power in Vengi. He
defeated the Western Chalukya forces at Dannada (Dhanyakataka) on the
Krishna and compelled Vijayaditya, Rajaraja’s rival, to retreat. He then
entered the Western Chalukya territory and inflicted a defeat on the enemy in
the Pundur battle on the banks of the Krishna. At Yetagiri (Yadgir) he put up
a pillar of victory with the tiger emblem on it. Later Kalyani itself was
sacked, and Rajadhiraja performed the virabhisheka (coronation of the
victory there and assumed the title of ‘Vijayarajendra’. Towards the end of
his career, he led another expedition against the Western Chalukya,
Somesvara, but died in the battle of Koppam (Kopbal). But his son and
successor, Rajendra II turned the defeat into victory.
Rajendra II After the victory he planted a jayastambha (pillar of victory)
at Kollapura and returned to his capital. Somesvara’s attempt later to reverse
the verdict of Koppam ended in failure. But soon after Rajendra himself
passed away.