commemorated this great victory by assuming the proud title of
‘Trikalingadhipati’ or ‘Lord of Trikalinga’. He sent an expedition under his
son Karna against Anga and Magadha, which were under the Pala king
Nayapala. According to Tibetan tradition, Atisa Dipankara, who at that time
had been residing in Magadha, took the initiative in inducing Karna and
Nayapala to conclude a treaty on the basis of mutual restitution of conquered
Karna Gangeyadeva was succeeded by his son Lakshmikarna, better
known as Karna. He was one of the greatest generals of his time. He wrested
Allahabad from the Pratiharas. Karna defeated the Chandella, Krittivarman
and occupied Bundel- khand. But a feudatory of the Chandellas freed the
country from the Kalachuris. Far more important was Karna’s invasion of the
Paramara kingdom of Malava in alliance with Bhima I, the Chalukya king of
Gujarat. During the war, the Paramara king Bhoja died and the two allies got
possession of Malava. Subsequently a quarrel broke out between Karna and
Bhima on the question of division of spoils.
    Despite the numerous wars fought with many powers throughout the
greater part of his life, the results achieved by Karna were too insignificant.
Allahabad was the only addition to his paternal kingdom. The series of
reverses which Karna suffered particularly at the end of his reign diminished
his earlier glory and loosened his hold over his feudatories.
Later Rulers Karna abdicated the throne in favour of his son Yashkarna. A
series of invasions overwhelmed him. The Chalukya, Vikramaditya VI raided
his kingdom; Chandradeva of the Gahadvala dynasty wrested Allahabad and
Banaras; the Chandellas defeated him and Paramara Lakshmadeva plundered
his capital. Vijayasimha was the last kalachuri king of any importance.
Trailokyavarman a Chandella defeated him and conquered the whole of the
The Tomaras are reckoned as one of the 36 Rajput clans. According to the
bardic tradition, Anangpal Tuar founded Delhi in 736 and established the
Tomara dynasty. The Tomaras ruled the Haryana country from their capital
city Dhillika or Delhi. King Jaula     of the Tomara dynasty was apparently a