defeat at the hands of the Chahamana Prithviraja III who, however, soon
succumbed to the onslaught of the Ghurid invader Shihab-ud-din Muhammad
in 1192. Ten years later (1202) Muhammad’s general Qutub-ud-din be-seized
the fort of Kalinjar, the strong citadel of the Chandellas. Qutub-ud-din
plundered Kalinjar and conquered Mahoba and appointed his own governor
to administer the conquered territories.
    Paramardi’s son Trilokyavarman recovered all the territories including
Kalinjar after inflicting a severe defeat on the Muslims at Kakadwa.
Trailokyavarman enjoyed a reign of about 45 years and was succeeded by
Viravarman. But in 1309 Alauddin Khalji conquered the greater part of the
kingdom. The last known king of Bundelkhand is Viravarman II.
  Khajuraho temples are popular for their stunning architecture and sensual
  sculptures. Located in Madhya Pradesh, these temples are UNESCO sites
  worth exploring. Apart from their exquisite architecture, there are some
  interesting facts about these temples that we should know.
  Origin of the name: The city derives its name from the Hindi word
  "khajur" which means "date" as the city walls were adorned with date palms.
  During ancient times, Khajuraho was known as Khajjurpura.
  Temples built in sandstone: Most of the temple structures are built in
  sandstone, along with varying shades of pink, buff and yellow.
  The degenerated temples: During the medieval period, there were 85
  temples in Khajuraho, out of which only 22 Hindu temples remain, the rest
  have been ruined due to natural calamities.
  The erotic sculptures: Though the common perception is that the
  Khajuraho temples are rich in erotic and sensual sculptures, only around
  10% of these sculptures depict sensuality, the rest of them displaying
  various aspects of daily life like potters and farmers at work, musicians
  composing, women dressing up, etc.
  Best preserved monuments of antiquity: The Archaeological Survey of
  India has ranked Khajuraho monuments as the best preserved monuments
  of antiquity.