The Kannauj Triangle
Vatsaraia The grand-nephew of Nagabhatta I, Vatsaraja was a resourceful
ruler and established an empire in northern India. He defeated the famous
Bhandi clan, who wielded imperial power probably with its seat of authority
at Kanauj. He also defeated. Dharmapala, the king of Bengal, and laid the
foundation of a mighty empire. He, however suffered a major defeat at the
hands of the Rashtrakuta king, Dhruva.
Nagabhatta II Vatsaraja was succeeded by his son Nagabhatta II who tried
to retrieve the fallen fortunes of his family. But he was as unfortunate as his
predecessor in suffering defeat at the hands of the Rashtrakuta king, Govinda
III. Nagabhatta II tried his luck in other directions. He overran Kanauj,
deposed Chakrayudha, Dharmapala’s         protege, and made it the capital of the