execution of Dara; imprisonment of
1660 Expulsion of Shuj a from Bengal to Arakan; appointment of
     Mir Jumla as governor of Bengal
1661 Mughal capture of Cooch Behar
1662 Mir Jumla’s invasion of Assam and imposition of a treaty on
1664 Sack of Surat by Sivaji
1665 Conclusion of the treaty of Purandhar between Sivaji and Jai
1666 Death of Shah Jahan; Sivaji’s visit to Agra and escape
1668 Issue of new religious ordinances by Aurangzeb
1669 Revolt of the Jats under Gokia
1670 Second sack of Surat by Sivaji
1671 Revolt of Chatrasal Bundela
1672 Satnami rebellion; revolt of Afridis in the north-west
1674 Sivaji’s coronation and assumption of the title of chatrapati
1675 Execution of Guru Tegh Bahadur (ninth Guru of the Sikhs)
1678 Death of Raja Jaswant Singh of Marwar
1679 Reimposition of jizya by Aurangzeb; rebellion of Rathors of
     Marwar under Durgadas and Marwar campaign by the Mughals
1680 Death of Sivaji; rebellion of Prince Akbar
1681 Aurangzeb’s arrival in Deccan in pursuit of his rebellious son,
1686 Conquest and annexation of Bijapur
1687 Conquest and annexation of Golconda
1689 Capture and execution of Sambhaji by the Mughal commander
     Muqarrab Khan at Sangamesvar; accession of Rajaram to the
     Maratha throne
1700 Death of Rajaram and accession of Sivaji II with Tarabai as
1707 Death of Aurangzeb at Aurangabad; release of Shahu from