1595- Defence of Ahmadnagar by Chand Bibi 1596 Introduction of
 1600 the dual rank (mansab) of zat and sawar
 1602 Murder of Abul Fazl by Bir Singh Bundela at the instigation of
      Prince Salim
1605- Reign of Jahangir
 1606 Rebellion of Prince Khusrau and execution of the fifth Sikh
      Guru Arjun by Jahangir
1608- Prime ministership of Malik Ambar of Ahmadnagar; his
 1626 military exploits and administrative reforms
 1611 Nur Jahan’s marriage with Jahangir
 1612 Annexation of Kooch Hajo to the Mughal empire
 1615 Conclusion of peace with Mewar under Rana Amar Singh
1622- Rebellion of Prince Khurram (Shah Jahan)
 1626 Rebellion of Mahabat Khan and temporary arrest of Jahangir
1627- Reign of Shah Jahan
 1631 Death of Mumtaz Mahal
 1636 Imposition of treaties on Bijapur and Golconda by Shah Jahan:
      appointment of Aurangzeb as viceroy of the Deccan
 1656 Annexation of Javli by Sivaji
1656- War of succession among the four sons of Shah Jahan
 1658 Battles of Dharmat (April) and Samugarh (May) in which Dara
      was defeated by Aurangzeb; imprison-ment of Shah Jahan by
      Aurangzeb (June) at Agra; coronation of Aurangzeb
1658- Aurangzeb’s reign
 1659 Battles of Khajwah and Deorai in which Dara was finally
      defeated; capture and