Muhammad Lodhi
 1535 Visit of Nuniz (Portuguese) to Vijayanagar
 1539 Battle of Chausa and first defeat of Humayun by Sher Shah
 1540 Battle of Bilgram (or Kanauj) and second and final defeat of
      Humayun by Sher Shah
1540- Sur empire
 1542 Birth of Akbar at Amarkot
 1545 Battle of Kalinjar and death of Sher Shah Sur
 1555 Reconquest of Delhi by Humayun
 1556 Second battle of Panipat and defeat of Afghans under Hemu by
1556- Akbar’s reign
1556- Regency of Bairam Khan
 1562 Akbar’s marriage with a princess of Amber
 1564 Akbar’s abolition of the jizya and his victory over Rani
      Durgavati of Garhkatanga
 1565 Battle of Talikota and destruction of the city of Vijayanagar
 1569 Birth of Akbar’s eldest son, Salim, with the blessings of Salim
 1571 Foundation of Fatehpur Sikri
 1573 Introduction of dagh and chahra by Akbar; construction of
      Buland Darwaza at Fatehpur Sikri
 1575 Battle of Tukaroi and defeat of Daud Khan of Bengal by Akbar
 1576 Battle of Haldighati (or Gogunda) and defeat of Rana Pratap by
      the Mughals under Raja Man Singh of Amber
 1579 Introduction of the dahsala system in revenue administration;
      issue of the mahjar or the so-called ‘infallibility decree’ by