allowed even this anuloma marriage.
What was the status assigned to a person born of a praiiloma marriage?
(a) Same as that of mother
(b) Same as that of father
(c) Intermediate between that of the two parents
(d) Lower than that of either parent
Hypogamous marriage means
(a) marriage between a higher class man and a lower class woman
(b) marriage between a lower class man and a higher class woman.
(c) marriage between a man and a woman of the same class.
(d) None of the above.
Which one of the following statements about prostitution towards the end of
the ancient period is correct?
(a) There was no stigma attached to prostitution conducted under state
(b) The attitude of the lawgivers was ambivalent.
(c) It was very much disapproved by the Smriti writers.
(d) It was considered as a highly honourable profession.
Which one of the following was not a result of land grants?
(a) Spreading of knowledge about agricultural calender and Ayurveda
(b) Dissemination of writing and use of Prakrit and Sanskrit.
(c) Varnasamkara or theory of mixed castes.
(d) Depreciation of the position of independent Vaishya peasants.
Which one of the following statements is not correct about the chandala in
ancient India?
(a) The chandala had to live outside the town in special quarters.
(b) His existence was condemned and there was no hope to attain swarga.
(c) Penance was prescribed to remove the sin arising out of touching a
(d) He did not enjoy any political rights.
The Kshatriyas claiming superior status within the caste were known as
(a) Brahmakshatriyas
(b) Satkshatriyas