(d) Increase in agrarian surplus
Which of the following statements about early Vedic society are correct?
(i) The Aryans laid stress on the purity of blood and racial superiority.
(ii) To indicate people of different complexions. they divided the society into
four vamas.
(iii) The professions of the four classes were hereditary and there were
restrictions on intermarriages and inter-dining.
(iv) Women enjoyed almost equal status in most facets of life.
Choose the answer from the codes given below.
(a) i, ii and iii
(b) i and iv
(c) iii and iv
(d) All the above
Which of the following was the main reason for the enormous addition to the
power of Brahmins in the later Vedic period?
(a) Their racial superiority
(b) Their status of priestly class
(c) The growing cult of rituals and sacrifices
(d) The unholy alliance between Brahmins and Kshatriyas
Which of the following statements is incorrect about later Vedic and post-
Vedic periods?
(a) The evidence of asramas or stages of life comes from later Vedic texts.
(b) The concept of the asramas was firmly established during the age of the
(c) The concept of four stages of life is applicable to all the four varnas.
(d) The whole life of an individual was divided into a series of samskaras or
Which of the following was mainly responsible for the transformation of
ancient society into a single community?
(a) Varna system
(b) Asrama system
(c) Domestic rituals
(d) Dharmasutras
Which of the following statements are correct about the Dharmasutras?