(d) post-Gupta period
Which one of the following terms was not used for describing the outcastes?
(a) Yavana
(b) Hinasippa
(c) Apasada
(d) Mlechchha
The ancient Indian term for sweeper was
(a) kaivarta
(b) paulkasa
(c) nisada
(d) vratya
Which one of the following varnas is declared as the annada by the Skanda
(a) Brahmin
(b) Kshatriya
(c) Vaishya
(d) Sudra
Which one of the following was not a factor on which the concept of varna is
(a) The four-fold division of life and performance of various sacraments.
(b) The idea of pollution extending to social hierarchies.
(c) The specialisation of labour and differentiation between occupations.
(d) The maintenance of distinctions between ethnic and regional populations.
Which one of the following mixed castes was a result of tribal associations?
(a) Nisadas
(b) Abhiras
(c) Gonds
(d) Mallavas
In which one of the following approved forms of, marriage was a bride given
in marriage to a priest?
(a) Arsa vivaha
(b) Daiva vivaha
(c) Brahma vivaha
(d) Prajapatya vivaha