Which of the above are correctly matched? Choose the answer from the codes
(a) i and ii
(b) ii and iii
(c) i and iii
(d) All of them
Which one of the following theories about the origin of the varna system is
the most acceptable theory?
(a) Theory of legacy from the aboriginal tribes
(b) Theory of notions of purity and impurity
(c) Theory of social differentiation arising out of social conflicts and unequal
distribution of resources
(d) Theory of division of labour based on natural aptitudes and endowments
According to the late ancient and early medieval lawbooks, Sudras also could
listen to the recitation of the:
(i) ltihasas
(ii) Vedas
(iii) Smritis
(iv) Puranas
Select the correct answer from the codes given as follows:
(a) i and ii
(b) i and iv
(c) i, ii and iii
(d) i, iii and iv
Dissolution of marriage, according to the Dharmasastras, can take place
(i) a person loses his varna status
(ii) a husband fails to return from journey in time as promised
(iii) a husband takes a second wife
(iv) a person fails to support his family
Choose the answer from the codes given below:
(a) i, ii and iii
(b) ii, iii and iv
(c) ii and iii