(iii) Brahmavaivarta                    (C) Eighteen
      (iv) Vasistha                           (D) Sixty
      (v) Gautama                             (E) Hundred
       i ii iii iv v
(a) D E A C B
(b) A B C D E
(c) B D E A C
(d) E D C B A
Which of the following factors were responsible for the rise of mixed castes?
(i) Emergence of specialised occupational groups
(ii) Assimilation of new tribes into Aryan society
(iii) Violation of varna endogamous rules
(iv) Violation of gotra exogamous rules
Select the correct answer from the codes given below;
(a) i, ii and iii
(b) ii, iil and iv
(c) i, iii and iv
(d) All of them
Which one of the following varnas were described as the barley in the later
Vedic literature?
(a) Sudras
(b) Vaishyas
(c) Brahmins
(d) Kshatriyas
Which one of the following forms of marriage does not come under the
dharmya category?
(a) Arsa
(b) Daiva
(c) Asura
(d) Brahma
Which one of the following works declares that the custom of sati is valued
for the Kshatriyas?