style in Indian Rajasthani paintings.         The main themes around which
Places where Rajput paintings of India are found, are the walls of palaces,
inner chambers of the forts, havelis, etc. Colours used for the painting were
derived from minerals, plant sources, conch shells, precious stones, gold and
silver, etc.
Amber and Jaipur The paintings of Amber and Jaipur show strong
Mughal influence. Nevertheless, at the same time, the bold compositions and
use of abstractions are also found, which reflected regional characteristics.
The 18th and early 19th century Rajput paintings illustrated episodes from the
life of Krishna. The other popular themes of the 19th century were Ragamala
and devotional subjects.
Bikaner An interesting facet of the Bikaner paintings is apart from the
Mughal style, these paintings also reflect marked influences by Deccan
paintings. During the late 18th century, the city started showing conservative
Rajput styles with smoothness and abstractions. However, they were full of
simplicity and lacked any pomposity and flamboyance.
Bundi Rajput paintings started originating in Bundi around the late 16th
century. The Bundi paintings reflected a lot of Mughal influence. Wall
paintings, dating back to the reign of Rao Ratan Singh (1607–1631), are good
examples of Bundi style of paintings. The time of Rao Chattar Sal (1631–
1658) and Bhao Singh (1658–1681) saw great emphasis on court scenes as
themes. Other themes include those based on the lives of nobles, lovers and
Kota Kota paintings look very natural in their appearance and are excellent
pieces of calligraphic work. The reign of Jagat Singh (1658–1684) saw
vivacious colours and bold lines being used in portraitures. During the time
of Arjun Singh (1720–1723), the painting started depicting males with a long
hooked nose. The themes of 18th century paintings were hunting scenes,
Ragamalas, and portraits. The themes of portrait during Ram Singh II (1827–
1866) were worship, hunting, darbar and processions in paintings.
Kishangarh A fusion of Mughal and regional style can be seen in the
Kisangarh style of painting. The love between Krishna and Radha used to be
the central theme of this style. Other popular themes included the poetry of
Sawant Singh, Shahnama and