(1980) and the Padma Bhushan (1983).
expressive. Lalgudi"s instrumental genius comes to the fore in the form of
lyrical excellence. He is one of those few instrumentalists, who is capable of
rendering a very good vocal music concert. He holds his audience spellbound
and his technique is immaculate. He has been in great demand for
accompanying vocalists.
Upalappu Srinivas (b.1969) is a child prodigy who was the first to use
mandolin in Carnatic music. He began playing when he was only six years
old. Srinivas"s musical aptitude was spotted by Rudraraju Subbaraju, a
classically trained musician and disciple of the famous musical stalwart. He
won the Padma Shri at the age of 29, and became famous for his jazz-fusion
concerts with the well-known violinist L. Subramaniam and also with the
ghazal singer Hari Haran. He produced an album called "Dreams" with the
Canadian guitarist Michael Brooks.
Amulya Jyoti (nicknamed Pannalal) Ghosh (1911–1960) was a famous
flutist, who was born in a family of musicians in Barisal, East Bengal (now in
Bangladesh). He was a child sensation who inherited his love of music and
the bamboo flute (bansuri) from his father and grandfather. He is credited
with hitherto used only as a folk instrument, bansuri, , to bringing it to the
level of a concert instrument in classical music. One of his specialties was his
use of three kinds of flute alternately for different "Saptakas". He could
produce any human sound with his flute. He worked extensively for many
Indian films, initially under the well-known music director Anil Biswas.
Later he worked as the composer of the national orchestra for the All India
Ram Narayan (b.1927) deserves a place among the most eminent Sarangi
players of today. He belongs to a family, which can boast of an unbroken line
of five generations of vocalists and instrumentalists of great caliber. His
continuous experimentation with the structure of the Sarangi and the bow has
made the necessary modifications in them possible. He has performed
extensively in India and abroad winning great accolades and numerous
notable awards such as the Padma Shri and the Sangeet Natak Akademi
Ravi Shankar (b.1920) is one of the greatest exponents of sitar. He is the
most popular Indian musician all    over the world. Yehudi Menuhin, the world