Shehnai player of contemporary times. His first major public appearance was
in 1930 at the age of 14, when he played at the All India Music Conference in
Allahabad. Ustad Bismillah Khan’s specialisation was his ability to produce
intricate sound patterns on the Shehnai which was hitherto considered
impossible on this instrument. For his outstanding contribution in the field of
music, he has been bestowed with several honours and awards including, the
Sangeet Natak Akademi Award (1956), the Shehnai Chakravarti by the
National Cultural Organisation (955), the Padma Shri (1961), the Padma
Bhushan, the Padma Vibhushan and the Tansen Award.
Chinna Maula (b.1924) is a renowned Nagaswaram player in South India.
He performed in his first concert in 1960. His favourite themes are Ramayana
and Mahabharata. He has received several honours and awards including the
Padma Shri, the Kala Prapoorna, the Isai Perarignar, etc. In 1982 he had
founded and nurtured the Sarada Nagaswara Sangeeta Asramam in
Srirangam, which later produced several promising nagaswaram players like
Pedda Kasim, Chinna Kasim, Mahaboob Subani and Kalishabi.
Hari Prasad Chaurasia (b. 1938) is one of the most popular contemporary
flutists and is regarded as the greatest living master of the north Indian flute.
He belongs to the Senia gharana but has imbibed the best features and facets
of other forms and styles in his presentation. As a musician, Chaurasia is an
exceptional personality who has combined innovation with tradition, thereby
significantly expanding the possibilities of classical North Indian flute. He is
the recipient of several honours and awards like the Sangeet Natak Akademi
Award (1983), the Padma Bhushan (1992), etc. He, along with Pandit
Shivkumar Sharma, composed the scores for Hindi films like Silsila and
Chandni. He has also recorded a compact disc at Oslo along with Western
artists John Mclaughlin and Jan Garbarek, which has gained international
Vishnu Govind Jog (b.1922) is an established violinist whose name is
synonymous with the violin genre in Hindustani classical. His recitals are
known for their dignity and crispness of swara and thala. He is known for the
purity of his rendition and the ease with which he executes the idioms of
music. He is a recipient of several honours and awards, which include the
Sangeet Natak Akademi Award