Vaidehika      Karavara                             Andhra
  Vaidehika      Nisada                               Meda
  Chandala       Vaideha                              Pandusopaka
  Nisada         Vaideha                              Ahindika
  Chandala       Pukkasa                              Sopaka
  Chandala       Nisada                               Antyavasayin
  First three    By wives of the same caste,          Vratyas
  castes         but not performing sacred
  From           By wives of the same caste,          Bhrijjakantaka Avantya
  Brahmin        but not performing sacred            Vatadhan Pushpadha
  Vratyas        rites                                Saikha
  From           By wives of the same caste,          Jhalla Malia Lichchhavi
  Kshatriya      but not performing sacred            Nata Karana Khasa
  Vratyas        rites                                Dravida
  From           By wives of the same caste,          Sudhanvan Acharya
  Vaishya        but not performing sacred            Karusha Vijanman Maitra
  Vratyas        rites                                Satvata
     As if this list of non-Aryan races was not sufficiently long, the great
legislator tries to include by a sweeping rule all the known races of the earth!
The Paundrakas (North Bengal men), the Udras (Oriyas), the Dravidas (South
Indians), the Kambojas (Kabulis), the Yavanas (Bactrian Greeks), the Sakas,
the Paradas, the Pahlavas (Persians), the Chinas (Chinese), and the Kiratas
(hill men). The Daradas and Khasas are said to have been Kshatriyas before,
but to have ‘gradually sunk in this world to the condition of Sudras’, through
omission of the sacred rites, and for ‘not consulting Brahmins’.
  Thus, the preceding discussion of the different marriage forms and
  practices helps us to draw the following conclusions:
  Certain forms of unapproved marriages, particularly the asura form which
  was the most widely prevalent and in which woman enjoyed some
  freedom and deserved consideration, were recommended for the lower