Brahmavaivarta Parana, a work of the early medieval period, raises the
number of the mixed castes to over one hundred.
    However, the above theory explains the proliferation of castes (jatis) only
partly. Instead it seems to be an after thought to provide place for the
numerous tribal peoples in the four-fold order. It is obvious that the Nisadas,
Ambasthas, and Pulkasas, were originally tribal communities, but once they
were admitted into the Brahmanical society ingenious origins within the
framework of the varna system were suggested for them, and here the fiction
of mixed castes or varnasamkara came in for handy use.
    The following is a list mixed and lowest castes according to Manu. Some
begotten by the first three castes on wives of the next lower castes were
considered similar to their fathers, and did not form new castes.
  Father       Mother                                Castes formed
  Brahmin      Vaishya                               Ambastha
  Brahmin      Sudra                                 Nisada
  Kshatriya    Sudra                                 Urga
  Kshatriya    Brahmin                               Suta
  Vaishya      Brahmin                               Vaideha
  Vaishya      Kshatriya                             Magadha
  Sudra        Vaishya                               Ayogava
  Sudra        Kshatriya                             Kshattri
  Sudra        Brahmin                               Chandala
  Brahmin      Ugra                                  Avrita
  Brahmin      Ambastha                              Abhira
  Brahmin      Ayogava                               Dhigvana
  Nisada       Sudra                                 Pukkusa
  Sudra        Nisada                                Kukkutaka
  Kshattri     Ugra                                  Svapaka
  Vaidehika    Ambastha                              Vena
  Dasyu        Ayogava                               Sairindhra
  Vaideha      Ayogava                               Maitreyaka