Choose the answer from the codes below:
(a) All of them
(b) i, i.i and iii
(c) ii, iii and v
(d) i, ii, iv and v
Which of the following statements is incorrect about Narasimhavarman II?
(a) He took up the titles of Rajasimha, Agampriya (lover of sculptures) and
(b) Dandin, the great Sanskrit writer, was his court poet.
(c) His reign was marred by frequent battles.
(d) Narasimhavarman sent an embassy to China, and trade and commerce
flourished during his reign.
Which of the following statements is not correct about literature and learning
of Pallava period?
(a) Except a few inscriptions at the beginning in Sanskrit, the rest are written
in Tamil.
(b) Kanchi was the seat of Sanskrit learning in the south.
(c) The works of Kalidasa and Varahamihira are well known and provisions
were made for the recitation of the Mahabharata in the mandapas of temples.
(d) Mattavilasa Prahasana, a social comedy, belongs to this period.
Which of the following statements are correct about Pallava society?
(i) Saiva and Vaishnava saints who dominated the religion of south lived in
Pallava period.
(ii) Pallavas were orthodox Hindus and were generally followers of Vishnu,
but some of them were devotees of Siva.
(iii) It was from Kanchi that the Sanskritisation of the south and the Indian
colonies in the Far East proceeded.
(iv) Aryanisation of south India began during the Pallava period.
Select the answer from the codes below:
(a) i and ii
(b) i, iii and iv
(c) i, ii and iii
(d) All of them
Which of the following can be considered as the birthplace of south Indian