Reason (R): The area under Chalukya rule was generally rocky land which
yielded limited revenue.
Who was the first independent Pallava ruler?
(a) Simhavarman
(b) Simhavishnu
(c) Narasimhavarman I
(d) Paramesvaravarman I
Which Pallava ruler was a contemporary of Sankaracharya?
(a) Mahendravarman I
(b) Narasimhavarman II
(c) Nandivarman II
(d) Dantivarman
Who built the famous Vaikuntaperumal temple at Kanchipuram?
(a) Narasimhavarman II
(b) Paramesvaravarman II
(c) Nandivarman II
(d) Aparajita
Who was the author of Dasakumaracharftam and at whose court did he live?
(a) Dandin—Nandivarman II
(b) Bharavi—Nandivarman II
(c) Appar—Dantivarman
(d) Andal—Mahendravarman I
Who founded the city of Mamallapuram, also known as Mahabalipuram?
(a) Simhavishnu
(b) Narasimhavarman I
(c) Narasimhavarman II
(d) Paramesvaravarman I
What were ghatikas?
(a) Jaina educational institutions
(b) Buddhist cultural centres
(c) Brahmanical institutions for higher studies
(d) Village assemblies in the Pallava period
Who is considered as the greatest Pallava because of his military conquests
and cultural contribution?