revenue to the Brahmins?
(a) Vakatakas
(b) Guptas
(c) Pallavas
(d) Chalukyas
Where did forced labour come to be known by the term sarvavisti and
assume a wide significance?
(a) South India
(b) Central India
(c) North India
(d) West India
Bhottavisti was a special kind of forced labour imposed on peasants from the
borders of
(a) Kashmir
(b) Kamarupa
(c) Tibet
(d) Afghanistan
Which one of the following texts provides us with the earliest literary
evidence for land grants to officials?
(a) Manu Smriti
(b) Milinda Panho
(c) Narada Smriti
(d) Brihaspati Smriti
The term samanta, meaning a feudatory from the sixth century AD, originally
meant a
(a) slave
(b) cultivator
(c) neighbour
(d) foreigner
What were the different obligations of the samantas to their overload in the
post-Gupta period?
(i) To render military aid
(ii) To perform administrative and judicial functions in peace time
(iii) To pay yearly tributes