The term gapata sarah meant
(a) forest land
(b) pasture land
(c) habitable land
(d) waste land
Gaulmika was the Superintendent of
(a) Mines
(b) Weaving
(c) Forests
(d) Weights and Measures
Who described his father as the samanta-chu-damanih (the best among
feudatories) of the imperial Guptas in the Barabar Hill Cave Inscription of
early sixth century ad?
(a) Vakataka ruler, Pravarasena II
(b) Naga ruler, Bhanaga
(c) Pushyabhuti ruler, Prabhakaravardhana
(d) Maukhari ruler, Anantavarman
When were the silkworms introduced into the Byzantine empire from China,
adversely affecting India’s already declining foreign trade?
(a) 451 AD
(b) 551 AD
(c) 651 AD
(d) 351 AD
In the post-Gupta period the term karyalekha meant
(a) a private agreement about land
(b) a royal charter to the priests
(c) an agrarian dispute over land
(d) the written statement of an offender of law
Which of the following terms denote land measurements of different sizes?
(i) Nivartana
(ii) Nivesa
(iii) Hala
(iv) Pranaya
(v) Pataka