(b) China
(c) West Asia
(d) South East Asia
Which of the following was not one of the purposes for which pearls were
(a) Decoration of divine images
(b) Decoration of sword handles
(c) Decoration of drinking vessels
(d) Ornamentation of ladies’ dresses
Which of the following cities was regarded as the best silk cloth producer?
(a) Kausambi
(b) Ujjain
(c) Varanasi
(d) Pataliputra
The term puga refers to:
(a) a group of merchants
(b) a group of land grantees
(c) a guild of artisans
(d) a cartel of bankers
Chandragupta II was the first Gupta king to issue silver coins which were
modelled on the coins of:
(a) Indo-Greek kings
(b) King Vikrama of Ujjain
(c) the Roman coins of Augustus
(d) Sakas of western and central India
Debasement and disappearance of coins in late Gupta period indicates:
(a) Decline of agricultural production
(b) Cheapness of commodities
(c) Decline of trade and commerce
(d) Non-availability of metals
Which of the following was not a leading guild of Gupta period?
(a) Potters
(b) Metal-workers
(c) Carpenters