parties who administered them for religious purposes.
Reason (R): The feudal chiefs of Uccakalpa made most of their land grants in
favour of various classes of people, such as writers, merchants, etc. for the
purpose of repair and maintenance of temples.
Which of the following inscriptions fixes the date of accession of
Chandragupta II as AD 375?
(a) Mathura Pillar inscription
(b) Allahabad Pillar Inscription
(c) Junagarh Rock Inscription
(d) Mehrauli Iron Pillar Inscription
Match List I with List II and select the answer from the codes given below.
          List I                         List II
      (i) Kumaragupta I              (A) Vyaghra-balapara krama
      (ii) Chandragupta II           (B) Narendrachandra
      (iii) Kachagupta               (C) Sarvarajoch-chhetta
      (iv) Samudragupta              (D) Parakramanka
(a) i-D, ii-C, iii-B, iv-A
(b) i-C, ii-D, iii-A, iv-B
(c) i-B, ii-A, iii-D, iv-C
(d) i-A, ii-B, iii-C, iv-D
Which of the following statements are correct?
(i) Mudrarakshasa of Visakhadatta states that Samudragupta was succeeded
not by Chandragupta but Ramagupta.
(ii) The Natyadarpan by Ramachandra Gunachandra contains fragments of
the famous historical drama Mudrarakshasa.
(iii) This is corroborated by another historical drama Devichandraguptam.
(iv) Sringararupakam of king Bhoja of Ohar contains some extracts of
(v) Harshacharita of Bana also reports that Chandragupta II killed
Choose the answer from the codes below:
(a) i, ii and iii
(b) i. ii and iv