List I                       List II
      (i) Khadayotapatika           (A) Chief of the police and criminal judge
      (ii) Sandhivigrahika          (B) Head of the army
      (iii) Mahadandanayaka (C) In-charge of military exchequer
      (iv) Baladhikarana            (D) Superinten-dent of royal kitchen
      (v) Ranabhandadhi-            (E) Minister for karana peace and war
(a) i-C, ii-D, iii-E, iv-A, v-B
(b) i-A, ii-B, iii-D, iv-C, v-E
(c) i-B, ii-A, iii-C, iv-E, v-D
(d) i-D, ii-E, iii-A, iv-B, v-C
Match the following:
         List I (Types of         List II (Examples)
      Gupta temples)
      (i) Flat-roofed square (A) Deogarh and Bhitargoan temples
      (ii) Square temple        (B) Maniyar Math with a vimana
      (iii) Square temple       (C) Temple number XVII at tower Sanchi
      with asikhara
      (iv) Rectangular          (D) Parvati and Siva temples at Nachna Kuthara
      temple                    and Bhumara respectively
      (v) Circular temple       (E) Kapolesvara temple at Aihole
(a) i-D, ii-A, iii-E, iv-C, v-B
(b) i-C, ii-D, iii-A, iv-E, v-B
(c) i-A, ii-E, iii-B, iv-C, v-D
(d) i-B, ii-C, iii-O, iv-A, v-E
Assertion and Reason
Mark (a) if both ‘Assertion’ and ‘Reason’ are correct and ‘R’ justifies or
explains ‘A’.
Mark (b) if both ‘A and ‘R’ are correct but ‘R’ does not explain or justify
Mark (c) if only ‘A’ is correct.