villages, they could not pay full attention to their trade and commerce. The
charters, therefore, show the feudalisation of merchants by turning them into
some kind of landed intermediaries.
    The activities of every guild were restricted to its locality so that it had no
freedom of competition, a feature characteristic of the closed economy of
Europe in the Middle Ages.
How many inscriptions are generally said to be available for the Gupta
(a) Thirty
(b) Thirty five
(c) Forty
(d) Forty two
What is a prasasti?
(a) Royal charter
(b) Private endowment
(c) Eulogy of a king
(d) Copper plate
Which of the following inscriptions describes Kumaragupta I as a mere
(a) Mankuwar Buddhist Image Inscription
(b) Bilsad Pillar Inscription
(c) Baigram Copper Plate
(d) Mathura Jaina Image Inscription
Which one of the following inscriptions is found on an iron pillar?
(a) Allahabad prasasti
(b) Mehrauli prasasti
(c) Eran prasasti
(d) Junagarh prasasti
The early Gupta emperors modelled their coinage after the gold coins of
which of the following dynasties?
(a) Mauryas