Balarjuna in the 7th century AD.
 The Lakshmana temple is located in the village Sirpur in Mahasmand
 district of Chhattisgarh at a distance of 90 km from the state capital of
 Raipur. Sirpur is derived from the ancient name Sripura which was once
 the centre of power of South Kosalas during the rule of Sarabhapuriyas
 and Panduvamsis from 6th to 8th century AD.
 Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, this brick temple stands on a high massive
 platform accessible by steps in the north and the south. The plan of the
 temple consists of a garbagriha, antarala and a mandapa. The mandapa
 now in ruins, was originally upheld by stone pillars in rows. The
 exquisitely carved doorframe depicts figures of Seshasayi Vishnu along
 with his other incarnations. This temple is one among the best examples of
 brick temples of ancient India.
Chalukyas (AD 543—755)
Controversy about Origin