It is 2.3m high and 1m at its widest point and weighs about 500 kg. It was
cast by the technique known as the "lost wax" process, in which a solid core
of clay is overlaid with wax. The sculptor models the fine details in the
wax coating. The wax is covered with a liquid layering of clay and plaster
which hardens to form a mould. When heat is applied the wax melts and
molten metal is poured in. The finished statue is finally obtained by
removing the outer casting when cool.
It conveys an image of calm and tranquillity and a spiritual detachment
from the material world. The Buddha"s sangathi (monastic robe) clings so
closely to the body that it is almost invisible, but for a series of string-like
folds, giving the figure a wet-looking appearance. The right hand is raised
in abhayamudra (a gesture of reassurance or protection) while the left
hand, with palm outward and held downwards indicates the granting of a