sections, which mirrors the events from the Vaishnava mythical stories.
Stupas They were also built in large numbers, but the best are found at
Sarnath (UP), Ratnagiri (Orissa) and Mirpur Khan (Sind).
Stone Sculpture A good specimen is the well-known erect Buddha from
Sarnath. Of the Brahmanical images perhaps the most impressive is the Great
Boar (Varaha), at the entrance of a cave at Udayagiri.
                          SARNATH BUDDHA
 The Buddha with his hands in the “teaching” gesture, also interpreted as
 setting the wheel of law into motion. The circle behind him is a
 representation of this wheel, alternatively alluded to as dharma and the
 cycle of life/
 Enlightenment. The Buddha’s stretched earlobes refer to the heavy jewelry
 that Siddhartha wore as wealthy prince before he gave up material
 possession for Enlightenment. If a Buddha is portrayed with jewelry, it is
 meant to show that he has not yet reached Enlightenment. Lastly, his
 androgynous, soft characteristics    are a trademark of Indian art and are