from the ground level and wall thickness
Temple, known for its extraordinary architectural beauty, has well
decorated walls with large niches, positioned between ornate pilasters. The
delicately sculptured walls illustrate interesting stories, myths and images
of various divinities. Figures of birds, animals and beasts also adorn the
beauty of the walls. The temple decked with the terracotta sculptures
illustrate different secular and religious themes like images of Lord
Ganesha, Mahishasur-mardani (Goddess Durga) and the river goddess.
The mythological story of the abduction of Sita and the penance of Nara
and Naryan have also been skilfully depicted
The town of Deogarh is located at a distance of 123 km from Jhansi, on
the banks of River Betwa and at the western façade of the hill range
named Lalitpur, Deogarh is situated. One can observe the ruins of an
excellent temple dedicated to Vishnu and numerous Jain temples. The
Vishnu temple has been constructed during the Gupta rule.
In the whole of North India, this excellent Vishnu Temple is the first
Panchyatan temple. Carved panels are present in the terraced basement.
The sculpted door, which is the entry point to the holy chamber, contains