the ornamentation of the facade and in the designs of the pillars in the
interior. The most notable groups of rock-cut caves are found at Ajanta and
Ellora (Maharashtra) and Bagh (MP). The Udayagiri caves (Orissa) are also
of this type.
                       STRUCTURAL TEMPLES
  The following five groups may be distinguished among the structural
      1. Flat-roofed square temple;
      2. Flat-roofed square temple with a second storey (vimana) above;
      3. Square temple with a curvilinear tower (sikhara) above;
      4. Rectangular temple; and
      5. Circular temple.
     The second group of temples shows many of the characteristic features of
the Dravida style. The importance of third group lies in the innovation of a
sikhara that caps the sanctum sanctorum, the main feature of the Nagara
  It is located in the town of Bhitargaon of Kanpur district in UP. This
  ancient religious edifice was built in the 6th century during the Gupta
  period. One of the oldest surviving Hindu pilgrimage centres, the temple
  comprises of a roof and is graced with an elevated shikhara. The 18th
  century however, caused certain injuries to its upper chamber.
  Bhitargaon temple, an architecturally rich structure has been exquisitely
  constructed with brick and terracotta. Elevated on a high terrace, the
  meticulously carved temple bears testimony to the painstaking work
  executed by the artisans of primeval period. The platform size of the
  shrine measures almost 47 feet. This terraced brick foundation has on its
  three sides a central offset. An anteroom within the shrine is linked by an
  oblong passage. This remarkable edifice of diminishing tiers has a
  sanctum 68.25 feet in height