inscription is usually identified    with Chandragupta II. If we accept the
Matrimonial Alliances They occupy a prominent place in the foreign
policy of the Guptas. Chandragupta II married Kuberanaga of the Naga
family. The Nagas were a powerful ruling clan and this matrimonial alliance
helped the Gupta ruler in expanding his empire. The marriage of his daughter
Prabhavati with the Vakataka king Rudrasena II helped him to establish his
political influence in the Deccan. An inscription of the Kadamba ruler
Kakusthavannan of Kuntala (Canarese country) avers that his daughters were
married to the Gupta and other kings.
                              FAHIEN’S VISIT
  During the reign of Chandragupta II, the celebrated Chinese pilgrim,
  Fahien, visited India. The main object of Fahien’s mission to India was to
  secure copies of Buddhist manuscripts. Fahien’s route lay through the
  inhospitable Gobi desert and mountainous tracts of Khotan, the Pamirs,
  Swat and Gandhara. In India he visited Peshawar, Mathura, Kanauj,
  Sravasti, Kapilavastu, Kusinagara, Vaisali, Pataliputra, Kasi, Gaya, Bodh
  Gaya, among other places. He spent three years at Pataliputra and two at
  Tamralipti. On his return journey, he sailed from Tamralipti, going home
  by sea and visiting Ceylon and Java on the way. Fahien does not mention
  the name of Chandragupta Vikramaditya, but he gives interesting
  information about the life of the people and the general condition of the
Kumaragupta I
Chandragupta II was succeeded by his son Kumaragupta who enjoyed a long
reign of forty years. He performed an asvamedha sacrifice which usually
implies a new conquest. But though none is recorded, he was able to maintain
intact the mighty empire which he had inherited from his father. The
conclusion is supported by discovery of his coins as far as Ahmedabad,
Valabhi, Junagarh and Morvi in the west and as far as Satara and Ellichpur
(Berar). It is probable that Kumaragupta added a part of western Malwa to the
Gupta empire.
    Towards the close of Kumaragupta’s          reign the empire was menaced by