Gupta and post-Gupta periods?
(a) From the beginning of Christian era Hindus are either Saivites or
(b) The Vaishnavites deny the existence of Siva and Saivites deny the
existence of Vishnu.
(c) There were occasions of rupture and persecution between the followers of
the two.
(d) As early as the Gupta Age, the concept of trinity came into existence.
Which one of the following statements about Siva is incorrect?
(a) He is the patron deity of ascetics in general.
(b) He is the Lord of the Dance (Nataraja) who is said to have invented
different forms of dance.
(c) He is also worshipped in the form of Dakshinamurti.
(d) Siva is chiefly worshipped in the form of Nataraja.
Siva is said to have been married to Parvati in the Himalayas. In south India a
rather similar story is told of the marriage of Siva and Minakshi. Minakshi is
the daughter of
(a) Pandyan king of Madurai
(b) Chpla king of Puhar
(c) Chera king of Muziris
(d) Pallava king of Mamallapuram
The Hari Hara cult is developed in the middle ages and it was successful in
(a) Nort India
(b) East India
(c) Deccan and South India
(d) West India
The Hari Hara temples were patronised by
(a) the western Ganga kings
(b) the Vijayanagar kings
(c) the Chola kings
(d) the Kakatiya rulers
The Puranic story of Krishna’s subjugation of Kaliya actually indicates the
overthrow of which cult by Bhagavatism in the Mathura region?
(a) Saiva cult