(b) Hiranyaksha
(c) Vasudeva Krishna
(d) Vishnu
The earliest evidence regarding the identification of Narayana with Vishnu is
probably to be traced in the Dharmasastra of
(a) Manu
(b) Kautilya
(c) Baudhayana
(d) Gautama
The worshippers of the deified sage Narayana were originally known as
(a) Pancharatras
(b) Bhagavatas
(c) Vishnuputras
(d) Vaikhanasas
A four armed figure of the deity, with chakra in the upper left hand is found
on the coins of a Panchala king. Identify the king.
(a) Vasumitra
(b) Vishnumitra
(c) Vishnugopa
(d) Panchakra
Which of the following incarnations of Vishnu was probably the most
popular one during the Gupta period as evident from the contemporary
(a) Matsya
(b) Varaha
(c) Rama
(d) Vamana
Which one of the following is the true devotion or primary devotion
according to Bhagavatism?
(a) Devotion of the inquisitive
(b) Unmotivated and selfless devotion
(c) Devotion of the Brahmanical class
(d) Surrender of all our passions and desires
According to Bhagavatism which       one of the following is the best means of