by the Sun to Manu and by Manu to
(a) Yadavas (b) Ikshvakus
(c) Kurus
(d) Purus
The Chandogya Upanishad places Krishna in seventh or sixth BC. Which
other tradition supports the date suggested by the Chandogya Upanishad?
(a) Buddltrst tradition
(b) Ajivika tradition
(c) Jaina tradition
(d) Saivite tradition
Who is the tirlhankara who is said to have been the cousin of Vasudeva
Krishna and who preceded Parsvanatha?
(a) Kunchara
(b) Jambu
(c) Mandhatri
(d) Arishtanemi
The term Bhagavata is traced from the times of Panini. When did the word
Vaishnava come into use?
(a) Later Vedic period
(b) Pre-Maurya period
(c) Pre-Gupta period
(d) Gupta period
Which of the following played an important role in transforming the
Bhagavata cult into Vaishnavism?
(a) Transmigration concept
(b) Avatara concept
(c) The concept of bhakti
(d) Popularity of Krishna
Vishnu was recognised in the Rig Veda as an aspect of
(a) Indra
(b) Varuna
(c) Sun
(d) Gayatri
Megasthenes refers to Heracles,      who was held in special honour by the