(c) Nandisutta
(d) Acharangasuta
From where do we get the information that one king Nanda was in possession
of ‘an idol of the first Jina?
(a) Kalpasutra
(b) Hathigumpha inscription
(c) Parisistaparvan
(d) Hemachandra’s account
Which of the following statements is/are correct about Jaina texts?
(i) The Mulasutras deal with the basic doctrines of Jainism.
(ii) The Chedasutras contain the rules of discipline to be observed in the
(iii) The Prakirnas are in verse and they deal with various aspects of Jainism.
(iv) Angas explain the Jaina doctrines with the help of legends and theories
and prescribe the rules of conduct for the Jaina monks.
(v) All these texts belong exclusively to Svetambara Jainas.
Choose the answer from codes given below:
(a) i, ii, iii, iv are true
(b) i, ii, iv and v are true
(c) i, iv and v are true
(d) All are correct
Jainas have made important contributions in the development of regional
languages. Which of the following is not one of them?
(a) Apabhramsa
(b) Kannada
(c) Malayalam
(d) Tamil
When did final compilation of Mahavira’s teachings take place?
(a) fourth Century BC
(b) third Century BC
(c) fifth Century AD
(d) third Century AD
Mahavira died because of
(a) old age