(a) i, ii and iii are true
(b) i and ii are true
(c) i, ii and iv are true
(d) All are correct
The statement, ‘the Nigantha, Nataputta has just died at Pava’, refers to the
death of
(a) Gautama Buddha
(b) Mahavira
(c) Siddhartha
(d) Gosala Maskariputra
‘As a merchant desirous of gain shows his wares and attracts a crowd to do
business, in a similar way acts the Sramana Jnatriputra.’ Who said these
(a) Parsvanatha
(b) Rishabhadeva
(c) Gosala Maskariputra
(d) Mahavira
What is siddha sila?
(a) Relief from cycle of rebirths
(b) Intuitive knowledge
(c) The way of practicing triratnas
(d) Becoming ascetic
Who became the head of the Jaina church after the death of Mahavira?
(a) Gajabahu
(b) Sudharman
(c) Kundakoliya
(d) Bhadrabahu
Jainism became the state religion of Lichchhavis, because of prince
(a) Chetaka
(b) Mahasayaga
(c) Abhaya
(d) Kumaradeva
Some sources state that Mahavira had died in the palace of a Malia King.
Identify the king.