life did not take place on a full-moon day?
(a) Birth
(b) Enlightenment
(c) Turning the wheel of law
(d) Death
Who is said to have destroyed the ‘Tree of Wisdom’ at Bodh Gaya under
which Gautama attained nirvana?
(a) Sasanka
(b) Toramana
(c) Bakhtiyar Khalji
(d) Mihirakula
Which of the following works contains information about political and social
(a) Dipavamsa
(b) Mahavamsa
(c) Culavamsa
(d) All the above
According to Mahayana tradition there are five Buddha cycles of which four
Buddhas—Krakucchand, Kanakamuni, Kasyapa and Sakyamuni—have
taught. Who is the fifth Buddha yet to come?
(a) Mukunda
(b) Maitreya
(c) Mahakantaka
(d) Inanadeva
The Pali canon of the Sthaviravadin school was committed to writing in
Ceylon in the reign of
(a) Vattagamani
(b) Tissa
(c) Samuppada
(d) Gajabahu
Which of the following is incorrect about Mahayana Buddhism?
(a) The universe of the Great Vehicle contains numerous Bodhisattvas.
(b) Vajrapani, a sterner Bodhisattva, is foe of sin and evil.
(c) The Mahayana Buddhism