(d) Nyaya
According to Buddhist tradition, who instigated Ajatasatru to kill his father
(a) Buddha’s cousin, Devadatta
(b) Ajatasatru’s mother, Chellana
(c) Ajatasatru’s wife, Padmavati
(d) Buddha’s disciple Ananda
‘Don’t ask the caste, ask the deeds. Whosoever does the right deeds attains
nirvana.’ Who said this?
(a) Gautama Buddha
(b) Mahavira
(c) Gosala
(d) Katyayana
What are the ‘Three Jewels’ of Buddhism?
(a) Right speech, right knowledge and meditation
(b) Right speech, right aim, right action
(c) Buddha, dhamma and Sangha
(d) Meditation, awareness and knowledge
Which of the following is not one of the causes for the popularity of
(a) Early Buddhism ignored god.
(b) It was not enmeshed in the clap trap of philosophical discussion.
(c) The nuns attracted the monks.
(d) It disregarded the caste system.
Which one of the following is not a cause for the decline of Buddhism in
(a) Reformation of Brahmanism
(b) The riches of the monasteries
(c) Use of Sanskrit, the language of intellectuals
(d) Lack of royal patronage
Which of the following is not a Buddhist construction?
(a) Stupa
(b) Sangha
(c) Vihara