like kings, princes, merchants and craftsmen
The Sarvastivadin sect was strong in the region of
(a) Mathura and Kashmir
(b) Punjab and Haryana
(c) Gujarat and Maharashtra
(d) Magdha and Kalinga
The Sarvastivadin doctrines were codified in a summary, the Mahavibhasa in
(a) second Council
(b) third Council
(c) fourth Council
(d) first Council
Who was the missionary monk from Nalanda that went forth to convert Tibet
to Buddhism?
(a) Asanga
(b) Nagarjuna
(c) Padmasambhava
(d) Ananda
‘A Buddha can be born only as a Brahmin or a Kshatriya and not in a low
family such as that of a chandala or of a basket-maker or of a chariot-maker
or of a pukkasa.’ From where do we get this information?
(a) Lalitavistara
(b) Saddharmapundrika
(c) Dipavamsa
(d) Mahavamsa
Which of the following sects insists on the necessity of monastic life, worship
of the relics of the Buddha, attainment of salvation by oneself alone as they
believe that the Buddha will be no more born?
(a) Hinayana
(b) Mahayana
(c) Vajrayana
(d) Sarvastivadin
Which of the following systems is closely associated with Buddhist
(a) Purva Mimamsa