Buddha is said to have allowed with much misgiving the formation of a
community of nuns. Who caused this?
(a) Gautami
(b) Vaidehi
(c) Tara
(d) Avasarpini
Which of the following are said to be the last words of Gautama Buddha?
(a) ‘You need not look to a new leader but the Doctrine.’
(b) ‘Final blowing out.’
(c) ‘All composite things decay, strive diligently.’
(d) ‘I am his witness.’
In the Buddhist council at Rajagriha one of the chief disciples of Buddha is
said to have recited the Vinaya Pitaka. Identify him.
(a) Ananda
(b) Upali
(c) Mahakassapa
(d) Vattagamani
Who is said to have unearthed the ashes of the Buddha from their original
resting place?
(a) Asoka
(b) Kanishka
(c) Ajatasatru
(d) Harsha
The Buddhists worshipped the stupa, recalling Buddha’s
(a) parinirvana
(b) nirvana
(c) mahabhinish kramana
(d) All of above
Which of the following statements about Buddhism is incorrect?
(a) During the Sunga-Kanva period Buddhism lost royal patronage.
(b) Of all the religious remains of 200 BC to 200 AD so far discovered in
India, those of Buddhism outnumber those of Brahmanism and Jainism put
(c) All classes of community