(c) iii, iv and v
(d) All of them
Arrange the following Buddhist universities in the chronological order:
(i) Nagarjuna Konda
(ii) Nalanda
(iii) Vikramasila
(iv) Taxila
Select the answer from the codes given below:
(a) iv, i, ii and iii
(b) iii, i, ii and iv
(c) ii, iii, iv and i
(d) ii, i, iv and iii
Mahayana Buddhists are credited, rather discredited, with starting the
practice of idolworship for the first time in India. When did they begin this
(a) fourth century BC
(b) third century BC
(c) first century AD
(d) fourth century AD
Mahavira was considered to be the ______ tirthankara.
(a) 21st
(b) 22nd
(c) 23rd
(d) 24th
Who was in Jaina tradition the immediate predecessor of Mahavira?
(a) Gosala
(b) Parsva
(c) Bhadrabahu
(d) Rishabha
Who was the first Jaina tradition?
(a) Sthulabahu
(b) Angisara
(c) Rishabha
(d) Hemachandra